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April 22, 2016

Further test

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Will delete when tested.

Testing something

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Just fiddling with some connections. And some more.

December 17, 2015

Star Wars

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Lots of debate about the order in which it’s best to watch the Star Wars series. 

My own trajectory:

1) the film Star Wars, I believe was the name when I saw it. 

2) Super Empire Strikes Back on the Super NES.

Both good. 

September 27, 2013

Red sky in the morning…

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July 3, 2013

Did Google really need to kill RSS alerts?

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I never used Google Reader, I didn’t like the interface. I always used Netvibes for my feeds, still do. One of the things that I liked to use it for was to set up alerts for phrases that interested me, create a Google alert and plug the RSS feed into the page. I could easily get 9-12 feeds on a page, enough to cover a theme.

Some of theme I’d check daily; others less often. It was very handy.

Now all the feeds are dead. I won’t be setting up email alerts to replace them, I don’t need this information pushed to me and I don’t want to fill up my inbox.

I understand the corporate need to kill off products, but if Google Alerts are being kept alive, what’s the point of handicapping them by removing this option?

It just feels a bit spiteful.

Airport security

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On a recent short trip I travelled “hand baggage only”. I threw in my travel washbag without even thinking about the contents, as it would have had what it had in for the last trip. However, it usually goes into the checked baggage.

As I stood beltless and shoeless waiting for my rucksack to come through the X-ray machine, I felt a sudden icy chill at the realisation that I had a pair of scissors in the bag. Full-size, not nail scissors, and with a sharp 4-5 inch blade. Don’t ask me why they live in the washbag; I have no use for them.

The bag was pulled to one side and a very stern man asked me if he could search it. Really he was telling me that he was going to search it. He pulled out the washbag, and undid the clip. The scissors were in a closed section inside. In another section with a clear plastic screen was a jar of hairstyling wax (almost as redundant as the scissors in my case).

He jabbed a finger at the offensive container and looked me in the eye.

“What’s this? Hair wax?”

I nodded.

“That’s why you’ve been stopped today. Any liquid, gel or wax should go into the clear plastic bag.”

“I’m terribly sorry.”

He shook his head wearily and folded up the washbag, returning it to me with the other contents for me to repack.

So, less embarrassing than it might have been. However, it’s hard to see the point of the endless queues etc given that (a) undeclared liquids and gels are not even examined and (b) the X-ray machine can’t even spot a pair of scissors.

This was on the way back, too, so they’d missed both of them on the way out…

June 28, 2013

Posting via iPhone

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Quite a faff at first go, and the indents mean there’s not a lot of space on screen

However I did get it to work first time and the blog post appeared very quickly.

Blogging with Fargo

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I’ve been experimenting with Fargo ( It’s clearly very clever, while also being very simple.

It’s a highly configurable, highly connected outliner

I’m using it for note-taking and planning, but as it also has one-click WordPress publishing built in I’ve connected it to my old blog, and am publishing again. There may be lots of test posts here now!

More about those sites

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I took a few random tests as a user on all three of the sites listed. The interface was fine, I was motivated to try a few more tests and it seemed as though it would give good feedback to designers, provided they had asked the right questions and kept their tests simple.

It was occasionally slow to the point of hanging when requesting a new test, the number of tests was not as high as I would have expected, and on occasion I was given a test I’d seen before.

There are paid options, but users can get access to testing services by acquiring ‘karma points’, obtained from testing other sites

You learn as much by looking at other people’s tests as you do by testing your own material, in my opinion

Great sites for user testing

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