The British Bernie

For anyone from the US not all that familiar with UK politics I thought I’d have a go at an explainer.

Our “Democrats” (Labour, the more progressive of the two mainstream parties) have elected our “Bernie Sanders” (Jeremy Corbyn, old white male from the left wing of the party, very popular with the young) to lead them. He “won the nomination” last year after another defeat for the party at the national election.

A number of our leading lights within Labour’s “Congress” (members of Parliament and the Shadow Cabinet), have decided to withdraw support from Corbyn because he’s considered likely to lose the next national election, which is due in four years’ time, although it may happen sooner.

They have chosen to do this at a time when our “Republicans” (the Conservative party) are in disarray, and the country is in chaos following the vote to leave the EU.

If he leaves, he can be replaced by our version of “Hillary Clinton”, a vastly experienced political operator, also popular within the party, a pragmatic politician whom everyone believes has what it takes to defeat the Conservatives at the next election.

And our version of Hillary is…?

Well, that’s where the analogy breaks down a bit, unfortunately.